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Our Frameworks are built based on more than a decade of experience working with businesses of different sizes and industries. Over the last decade we have gained deep insights and learnings of what makes a business truly sustainable and a place where people love to work and give their best. The framework is built on five pillars from setting clear objectives and values, to building the right team, to streamlining systems and processes, to communicating effectively and embracing digital transformation and use of technology.

Objective and Value Setting

What problem is your organization trying to solve & Why?

Setting Goals is the first step of turning the Invisible into Visible. A Shared Goal & Purpose binds everyone together! We partner with your organization in unearthing the core purpose of your business, articulating it & communicating it to all the stakeholders. We work along with you in defining your business objective & aligning them to your People strategy thus ensuring everyone, everywhere, everyday is working towards a Common Goal!

Services Offered

  • - Mission, Vision & Values
  • - Business Strategy & Forecasting
  • - Annual & Strategic Business Plan
  • - Balanced Scorecards / OKRs
  • - Values Setting & Communication, Values Manifesto, Values Rewards

People & Culture

Do you believe the key to a sustainable business is through your people?

We believe in the saying - People first, then Profits. People are the most crucial part of any business and are the key driving factor of how successful a business will be. We work with your organization in designing an inclusive & People centric culture. We lay the fundamentals of your People Strategy right from recommending the most suitable Organization Structures, Hierarchies, Pay Policy to designing initiatives for attracting, engaging, rewarding & retaining your Human Capital.

Services Offered

  • - Organization Structure
  • - Job Descriptions
  • - KPI & Goal Setting
  • - Talent Management
  • - Appraisals & Reviews
  • - Rewards & Recognition
  • - Culture Survey

Efficient Systems and Processes

Is the success of your organization happening as a process?

If your people can't describe what they are doing as a process, they haven't really understood what they are doing. We work with your organization in studying & revisiting the current set of structured, unstructured steps, activities followed. Basis the finding of the exercise we evaluate the relevance & effectiveness of your current practices & benchmark with industry to create well defined Processes, SOPs, Checklists & Workflows.

Services Offered

  • - SOPs & Process Designing
  • - User & Customer Journey
  • - Benchmarking Surveys
  • - Process Reengineering
  • - Process Audits
  • - Process Digitization
  • - System & Tool Benchmarking

Effective Communication

Are your employees and customers feeling connected & involved?

Communication is the key to all the good relationships in the world. We partner with you in designing communication channels that are 'HOT' H-Honest, O-Open & T-Two-Way. We design & deploy an Annual Communication Calendar to ensure your organization has relevant, engaging & ongoing means of communications to keep your employees and customers connected & involved.

Services Offered

  • - Policy Designing
  • - Internal Communications
  • - Employer Branding
  • - Campus Branding
  • - Marketing & Communications
  • - Branding & Content Strategy

Digital Transformation

Does your organization have the capability of being Digital & Data ready?

In today's rapidly changing and competitive business environment, being Digital & Data ready is a priority. We partner & hand hold your organization in your Digital journey. We work along with you in defining, tracking & analysing the key business parameters on a Digital platform. We design Digital solutions that are sustainable, scalable & enables your organization with data driven decisions.

Services Offered

  • - Website Development
  • - Custom Tech Platform
  • - Technology Integration
  • - Process Digitization
  • - Data Automation
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