Ventois Staffing - How we built an end-to-end human resource management application for an IT staffing company

Ventois Staffing - How we built an end-to-end human resource management application for an IT staffing company


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About the Client

About the Client

Ventois is a leading IT staffing company specializing in providing top-tier IT consultants to businesses in need of industry-focused solutions. With a global talent pool, Ventois offers unparalleled value through adaptive scaling, continuous skill development, data-driven insights, and a collaborative approach to addressing IT challenges. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Ventois actively recruits professionals from outside the United States and assists them in the visa filing and application process.



While Ventois excelled at providing exceptional IT staffing solutions, they faced challenges in managing their growing business operations. With a focus on international hires, the complexities surrounding employee documentation, visa applications, visa details, and Labor Condition Application (LCA) management became increasingly challenging to navigate. Additionally, Ventois sought to optimize their resource allocation to projects and streamline their invoicing process for both clients and vendors.

How we built an end-to-end human resource management for an IT staffing company.

Project Timeline

February 2023 - Present

Project Title

How we built an end-to-end human resource management for an IT staffing company.

Approach and Findings

Diving into their deprecated portal.

We began by studying their deprecated portal to get a basic idea of the data & fields captured at different steps. By understanding this, we also identified the pain points in the deprecated portal.

Zeroing upon the challenges

We then conducted in-depth sessions with Ventois' management team to gain a thorough understanding of the business flow. This collaborative approach allowed Debox to identify key pain points and establish the groundwork for creating a customized solution.

Engaging Team Leaders to Prototype Workflows

We engaged with multiple team leaders across various departments, such as Employee Onboarding, Visa Management, Resource Allocation, and Invoicing. These interactions allowed us to gather key insights into the business logic and processes, enabling them to prototype the workflows of each module in the most streamlined and effective manner possible.

Roadmap planning:

After identifying the challenges and outlining potential solutions, we developed a detailed scope of work for the platform, complete with rules, validations, and conditions for each step. We also designed the workflow to manage the logic for different visa types during the onboarding process.

Work Done

A comprehensive end-to-end platform was delivered to manage the entire operational cycle of Ventois. It covers the modules and workflows listed below.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. Developed a 'Profile' module, separate from the 'Employment' module, to store basic details and documents of potential employees, ensuring a clear separation of concerns as profiles undergo the VISA application process.
  • 2. Implemented a Visa Management module for varying workflows based on the Visa Type. Profiles received an email form link for required details, streamlining the process without portal access until they became employees.
  • 3. Implemented a system to store Visa Application details and update their status as rejected or approved. Upon approval, current visa details were recorded, and an employment opportunity could be added for the respective profile.
  • 4. Designed a process for profiles with an active visa, green card, or citizenship to store their relevant details and bypass the visa request module.
  • 5. Established a system to store Statements of Work (SOWs) between Ventois and their clients, allowing for efficient resource allocation and tracking of benched employees.
  • 6. Introduced a Leave Management system and Annual Performance Reviews for employees to ensure transparency and promote professional growth.
  • 7. Implemented a Weekly Timesheet submission process with an approval process and reminder features to maintain a reliable record of employee hours.
  • 8. Integrated Invoicing with QuickBooks, based on timesheets, to streamline the billing process for Ventois, their clients, and vendors.
  • 9. Developed tailored Dashboards for Management to track key revenue and business metrics, for employees to monitor their day-to-day tasks, and for the Visa Team to keep track of upcoming visa expirations, ensuring efficient oversight and effective task management.


Ventois is currently in the process of implementing a centralized portal that streamlines their management processes, ultimately improving operational efficiency and communication. The new platform enhanced Ventois' ability to manage employee documentation, visa applications, resource allocation, and invoicing, providing a seamless experience for both clients and IT professionals. By addressing their pain points and optimizing their business operations, Ventois has further solidified its position as a leading IT staffing provider in the industry.

Frameworks used in the project

Custom Zoho Solutions

  • Process Understanding & Documentation
  • Custom Development with QuickBooks integration.
  • Implementation Support
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