How we helped a Salon & Spa chain drive growth through 360 Degree Marketing

How we helped a Salon & Spa chain drive growth through 360 Degree Marketing


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About the Client

About the Client

Lash and Brow Spa is a multi location women focused Beauty and Personal Care chain in Alabama. It was started in 2008 and today has grown to 8 locations across Alabama.

Lash & Brow Spa has served more than a million happy customers since 2008.


The client wanted to build a solid Digital presence and leverage the power of Digital Media and marketing to reach a wider audience and grow business.

How we helped Lash & Brow Spa drive business growth through 360 Degree Marketing

Project Timeline

April 2017 - March 2020

Project Title

How we helped Lash & Brow Spa drive business growth through 360 Degree Marketing

Approach and Findings

The business had grown from one store to 5 stores by 2017 but majority of customers were acquired through traditional marketing methods like Magazine Ads, Local Print Flyers, Offers on Groupon only and there was no digital presence or use Digital Media Marketing to reach a wider audience.
Logo & Branding

We created a brand new look for the business and standardised the overall branding and communications for the brand across the locations to build a higher brand recall and attract younger audience.

Website Development

We built a website for the business and started working on building a solid Google presence along with focus on SEO and keyword planning for the business.

Brand Awareness

We started creating more awareness about the business and services through organic and paid marketing through Meta platforms.

Online Appointments

To ensure the efforts were driving measurable conversions and returns we integrated an Online Prepaid Appointment System to drive business.

Work Done

Over the journey of the project our team has built the entire digital footprint for the brand along with standardising the branding and support for on-ground print communications. We were able to drive higher brand awareness and drive more sales from newer sources like Social Media, Google Search and Referrals.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. We delivered a rich SEO and keyword driven Custom Wordpress website that achieved 1st page ranking for 5 out 11 services within 3 months.
  • 2. We were able to get 1st page top rankings for 4 services within 6 months and 7 services within top 5 rankings.
  • 3. We started with paid advertisement on Facebook & Instagram to drive brand awareness and increase the store visits. We achieved a Cost Per Click of under $0.15.
  • 4. We integrated a tool for accepting Prepaid Online Appointments from the website and within 60 days the Sales through Online Appointments was in the range $3.5 - 4K per month.
  • 5. With Online Prepaid Appointments we reduced the no-show by 100% and improved resource utilisation and profitability of each store.
  • 6. We started with email campaigns for the brand and increased repeat customers by 60% and increased average visits per year from 2.5 to 4.2 and average order value went up by 35%.
  • 7. We also did dedicated campaigns during Holiday Season and focused campaigns on high ticket services and drove increase in Online Appointments. 60% of all online appointments were through high ticket services.
  • 8. At peak the Online Prepaid Appointments were contributing a monthly average of $9k.


Within 2 years we built a customer base of more than 5000 through Online Appointments and drove overall sales by 20% YOY.

Frameworks used in the project

Performance Marketing

  • Performance Campaigns
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Digital Media Management

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email Design
  • Communication Design
  • Website Design and Development

  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Management
  • SEO & Keywords
  • Branding and Identity

  • Logo & Branding
  • Print Design
  • Store Facade Design
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