Karma Realty - How we helped the Real-Estate company build a MLS-powered website that showcases thousands of listings around North Carolina

Karma Realty - How we helped the Real-Estate company build a MLS-powered website that showcases thousands of listings around North Carolina


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About the Client

About the Client

Karma Realty Group is founded by Manjesh Gorajala, a prominent player in Charlotte's thriving real estate market. With over five years of industry experience Karma Realty Group has built a solid reputation for providing personalized and exceptional services to homebuyers in the region.

⁠Website: https://karmarealtygroup.com/


Our client envisioned a unique, feature-rich real estate platform for the North Carolina market, aiming to provide an unparalleled user experience for potential homebuyers.

How we helped a Real-Estate company build a MLS-powered website that showcases thousands of listings around North Carolina.

Project Timeline

July 2022 - Ongoing

Project Title

How we helped a Real-Estate company build a MLS-powered website that showcases thousands of listings around North Carolina.

Approach and Findings

Our approach to developing the custom MLS integrated website for Karma Realty Group began with a deep understanding of the client's unique vision and requirements. We collaborated closely with Manjesh to identify the best strategies for acquiring and integrating MLS data and creating a seamless user experience. By focusing on these key aspects, we ensured that the final product would meet and exceed the expectations of both the client and their customers.
Benchmarking and Referencing

We referenced renowned real estate websites like RedFin and an esteemed North Carolina firm Terra Vista, identifying the key takeaways from these websites like user-journeys, ease-of-navigation, features & functionalities that should be a must for our project to provide a seamless experience to our target audience.

Research and Data Sourcing

Our team conducted extensive research to identify the most suitable data source and chose to partner with MLS Grid for a direct, reliable, and up-to-date data stream from Canopy MLS.

Data Integration

We used MongoDB to integrate the data acquired from MLS into Karma Realty Group's database, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for replicating and auto-updating listings.

User Experience Optimization

We wanted to provide a seamless user journey and make the website navigation extremely simple and ease to use. Firstly our team ensured all relevant USPs of a property is visually listed on the property card making it easy for the user to evaluate which property to deep-dive, this would save the time in browsing through irrelevant properties. Secondly the individual property pages were structured and designed in a way to make the information easily accessible and bucketed together for ease of consumption. Thirdly we added a Google Maps integration for a user to check the time to commute from the property.

Testing and Validation

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the website met performance benchmarks and provided a reliable and satisfying experience for end-users.

Work Done

Our team successfully delivered a custom MLS integrated real estate website for Karma Realty Group. The website currently serves thousands of active property listing of North Carolina. We partnered with Canopy MLS for the centralized property database, we successfully replicated their data into Karma's own database, ensuring it auto-updates with the latest house listings at predefined intervals. In addition, we integrated user-friendly features such as logging in, shortlisting properties, receiving price updates, and booking house tours, making the website experience simple, engaging and informative for homebuyers.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. Our team collaborated with the client to analyse various data sources and evaluate their pros and cons. By doing so, we helped the client make an informed decision on partnering with MLS Grid to obtain data from Canopy MLS.
  • 2. We assisted the client in navigating the complex data licensing process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines to avoid potential legal hurdles down the line.
  • 3. Our tech team replicated Canopy MLS data into Karma's own database, setting up a system that auto-updates periodically with the latest house listings. This guarantees that the web-app remains up-to-date and provides the relevant properties to our website visitors.
  • 4. After the replication, we discovered that data of certain properties had incorrect values. We promptly flagged these discrepancies with Canopy MLS.
  • 5. As the data contained thousands of properties, it had to be severely optimised using strategies like indexing and caching to ensure fast loading speeds.
  • 6. To enhance user experience, we built a secure login system that enables users to create personal accounts, manage their preferences, and keep track of their property searches.
  • 7. We implemented a feature that allows users to shortlist their favorite properties and receive real-time price updates, ensuring they stay informed and can make well-timed decisions.
  • 8. To provide a seamless end-to-end experience, we integrated a user-friendly house tour booking feature. This allows prospective homebuyers to schedule tours with ease, eliminating the need for manual coordination and streamlining the home-buying process.
  • 9. Our team continues to provide ongoing support and optimization for the website, addressing any technical issues that arise, and implementing enhancements based on user feedback and evolving market trends.


The custom website developed for Karma Realty Group revolutionized their digital presence and streamlined the property search process for their customers. With an intuitive interface and a robust database of up-to-date listings, Karma Realty Group experienced a surge in user engagement and satisfaction. The website comprehensive features not only empowered homebuyers to make informed decisions but also allowed the client to manage leads more efficiently. As a result, Karma Realty Group has solidified its position as a leading real estate company in the North Carolina region.

Frameworks used in the project

Website Design and Development

  • Logo Design
  • UI Wireframing
  • MLS Integrated Custom Website Development

  • Data Sourcing & Replication
  • Periodic Data Updates
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