Hub61 - How we helped create a fresh and an engaging take on the Indian Restaurant Experience

Hub61 - How we helped create a fresh and an engaging take on the Indian Restaurant Experience


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About the Client

About the Client

HUB61 is an Indian Restaurant based out of San Francisco known for its Andhra style signature Indian food.


The brand partners wanted to distinguish their restaurant from the other 'run of the mill' restaurants in the area and wanted to create a memorable experience for the customers.

How we helped create a fresh and engaging take on the Indian Restaurant experience.

Project Timeline

December 2022 - Ongoing

Project Title

How we helped create a fresh and engaging take on the Indian Restaurant experience.

Approach and Findings

With Hub61, we wanted to add a riot of colors to the overall branding to make it stand out from its competitors. Moreover, representing what India truly stands for i.e., 'the melting pot of different cultures and traditions'.
Differential Branding

We wanted to make the entire customer experience more Instagram-able & noticeable and hence we used bold colors to showcase the zesty warmth and the Indian flavors.

Targeting the young audience

Since the colors and the overall branding were youth-centric, we went on to leverage Instagram and came up with unique and engaging contests integrating online and offline mediums.

Experiential Marketing

With this approach, our goal was to create a fun and an engaging experience for the customer rather than approaching them directly through the traditional marketing methods.

Work Done

After closely working with the brand partners, Debox Team pitched them the idea of 'Hub 61'. The name stands for the vision to create a communal setting like place called 'The Hub' along with the street number as the suffix.

We set out to bring Hub61 to life and help it scale through our experiential marketing.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. We kickstarted the project by creating a theme for the restaurant. Unlike other restaurants that are transactional in their approach, we wanted to stand out by weaving a story that can resonate well with the audience for the years to come. We came up with the concept of 'The Hub' where people irrespective of their cultures and backgrounds can feel a part of a bigger community.
  • 2. The first step to establishing the foundation was to start off with designing the Logo and the brand mood board. We came up with a palette that symbolizes the vibrant and rich Indian culture. The branding did really stand out from its competitors due to its eye-catching colors.
  • 3. Once the logo and branding were approved, we moved on to creating the website to establish the brand presence. We chose a simple yet powerful WordPress website with a strategic focus on SEO. The strategy was to make the make the website fresh, memorable and stand out from other mundane websites.
  • 4. Post the website and the social media setup, we went on to create a differential spatial experience for the customers. We started off by creating the master wall for which we decided to show the amalgamation of the Indian culture. For the second wall, we decided to showcase the mainstream Indian actors with humorous and engaging dialogues from their movies.
  • 5. Once we unified the onground and the digital customer journey, we launched our Grand Opening Campaign, alerting customers about a New Restaurant Launch. The Campaign not only turned out to be a huge success but it also hit the right strings by bringing in audience to try out this new restuarant.


With Hub61, we were successfully able to generate the buzz in and around Bay Area promoting a #NewRestaurantLaunch through Meta platforms.

Right from the time we started with their digital marketing retainer services, the restaurant sales has grown by 10% month on month.

Frameworks used in the project

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