Bawarchi Atlanta - How we helped the Indian Restaurant grow their online sales by 20x

Bawarchi Atlanta - How we helped the Indian Restaurant grow their online sales by 20x


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About the Client

About the Client

Bawarchi Biryanis Atlanta is part of the Bawarchi Group – the largest Indian Restaurant chain in the USA. Bawarchi Biryanis Atlanta is a fine dine Indian restaurant that offers a wide variety of Indian cuisines ranging from Chaat, North Indian, South Indian, Biryanis, Indo-Chinese, Deserts, and Ice Creams. They also provide catering for large events and weddings.



The management were not happy with the response to their newly launched website. Even after 2 months of the website launch they were hardly getting any orders through the website and were wanting to scale the orders coming from their website and reduce dependency on phone orders.

How we helped an Indian Restaurant in the USA grow their online sales by 20x

Project Timeline

November 2016 - Ongoing

Project Title

How we helped an Indian Restaurant in the USA grow their online sales by 20x

Approach and Findings

We evaluated the reasons for a low website traffic and low order conversions and understood from the management how many online orders can they manage alongside their existing dine-in customers. We created a digital first strategy and explored every aspect of Digital Media to ensure we were ahead of the competition and were able to scale the website orders.
Building a strong Digital presence

The existing digital media presence of the client was negligible and there was nothing done to drive traffic to the website and hence the first step was to build a strong digital presence and start building awareness amongst the target audience.

Building Engaging Content

Our team did a benchmarking with other restaurants in the vicinity to identify areas where we could build a differentiation and make the client’s restaurant stand out. Our team started designing social media posts that were fresh, fun and engaging.

Performance Marketing

We started with performance marketing campaigns for the client in 2017 and started driving more users to the website and were tracking the traffic to order conversions and average order value.

Work Done

Our team has been contributing to the restaurants overall growth and scaling of the online sales since November 2016. We have been associated with Bawarchi Biryanis for over 7 years now and can proudly say everything you see about this restaurant whether online or offline is done by our team.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. We started with making UI changes on the website home page and added relevant content and communication to increase user engagement and conversion. We analysed the website journey and traffic to order ratio and made significant changes to the online ordering page to make the user journey easy and rejigged the menu categories to drive higher order value.
  • 2. We started creating unique and fresh social media content that were engaging and pushed the users on social media to our website.
  • 3. We started with Performance Marketing Campaign (Sales focused Facebook campaign) in July 2017. This was our first online sales focused campaign and we did an online sales of $1,800 in just one day of the campaign through online takeaway orders. Since 2017 we have been doing Performance Marketing Campaigns and have seen multifold growth is sales during the campaign days with significant increase in average order value during the campaign days.
  • 4. Once we had a sizeable customer base we started engaging with our existing customers and started pushing organic emailers and SMS and increased repeat orders by 40% and reduced the reordering cycle by 70%.
  • 5. We introduced Biryani Buckets in 2019 and had fabulous response and were sold out within 2 weeks. We have designed 'The wall of Bollywood' during the restaurant expansion in 2020 and the Wall continuous to be the favourite spot of the kids and adults for their Instagram feed.
  • 6. We did massive online sales focused campaigns during COVID-19 and were able to scale the online orders by 2x within the first 2 months of COVID.
  • 7. We also did catering focused campaigns and helped create awareness and increased the catering inquiries by 4x.
  • 8. We design customised catering tags with personalised caricatures of the bride and groom for all their catering events. A gesture that has touched many hearts and adds a different level personalisation to the most important event of ones life.
  • 9. We have also delivered an Instagram filter that was created for their catering events.
  • 10. We also delivered a new custom designed and developed website that has improved the website experience, loading speed, SEO and traffic to order conversions.


Within the first 12 months of our association we had helped scale the online orders by 10x and the growth has continued since then. Bawarchi Biryanis Atlanta is a household name in the Sandy Springs and has catered more than a million happy customers till date.

With our continuous digital focus, the monthly website takeaway orders has grown by 35x and the website sales contribute more than 20% of the overall sales of the restaurant. Bawarchi Atlanta is the name to go with when it comes to catering for large events and weddings.

Frameworks used in the project

Performance Marketing

  • Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Sales Campaigns
  • Digital Media Management

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media postings and communication
  • Online Response Management
  • Website Design and Development

  • Custom Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Print and Packaging

  • Menu Design
  • Restaurant Space Design
  • Glass Facade Design
  • Biryani Buckets
  • Packaging Design
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